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Company: M.Sc. Angela Clinkscales

Dipl.-Ing. Angela Clinkscales is from the USA and has been living in Germany since 1998. She studied Architecture at Clemson University in South Carolina, USA (B.Sc.) and received a “diplom” in Architecture from Bauhaus University Weimar and has been a “diplom-engineer” since 2005. After changing fields she completed her M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering at Bauhaus University Weimar.

From 2001 through 2006 she worked at the chair for Waste Management at Bauhaus University Weimar – mostly with knowledge transfer programs for Southeast Asia, for example the long-distance study course “Environmental Engineering and Management”. From 2006 through 2009 she worked as a project coordinator and architect with projects in Germany and the USA – the focus ranging from historical preservation, fire protection measures and energy-related renovation and modernization. In 2011 she started a company together with a partner, whose main focus was developing a baby diaper, which is designed for the circular economy from the beginning to the end – including production, use and disposal concepts.

She has been working at the Institute for Biogas, Waste Management and Energy since the end of 2015. Key activities:

  • Project conception and coordination including financial planning and funding acquisition
  • Complex data analysis (e.g. from anaerobic digestion plants)
  • Establishing networks for international and interdisciplinary projects
  • National and international knowledge transfer

M.Sc. Angela Clinkscales

M.Sc. Angela Clinkscales

My mission

"In my opinion the challenges of our time can not be solved as well by means of specialization as they could through the cooperation between the specialists in different industries and branches. The whole picture has to work; otherwise the best technologies don’t stand a chance on the market."