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Competent consulting for efficient biogas use

Based on our many years' experience, we conduct scientific analyses, provide expert advice, undertake development work, compile appraisal reports on technical and economic concepts, as well as engaging in knowledge transfer.

Biogas is a highly flexible energy source. It can be used for base and peak load heat and power supply, as well as for motor fuel. And biogas is unique among all renewable energy sources!

Therefore the virtual Institute of Biogas, Waste Management and Energy is established as a contribution to finding a more sustainable way of living and to aid climate protection. With scientific analyses, expert advice, appraisal reports and knowledge transfer based on many years' experience:

  • we help to make more biogas usable in an efficient, flexible manner for the supply of power, heat and biomethane (upgraded biogas to natural gas quality);
  • we contribute to more efficient use of material flows from the waste management and agricultural sectors;
  • we integrate biogas and other renewable energy sources into regional energy supply systems as viable, high efficient future options with low carbon emissions.

Our work is founded on the conviction that biogas technology has major potential as a cornerstone of renewable energy use in the future energy management sector and in life-cycle management, and therefore we are helping to protect and preserve the basis of life for future generations and the world in which we all live.

Prof. Frank Scholwin


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