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Company: M.Eng. Georg Siegert

M.Eng. Georg Siegert studied agricultural economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden followed by a master's degree in Renewable Resources and Renewable Energies at the University of Applied Science and Art in Göttingen. By combining both courses, he was able to acquire in-depth knowledge along the entire value chain from the cultivation of biomass, through harvesting, fermentation and power generation in biogas plants to the return of nutrients to agricultural land. In addition to the conversion of biomass into energy, the legal framework was also a focus of his master’s program.

Through internships on farms, at the Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites in Hanover (IfBB) and at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), he has already gained experience along the supply chain of biomass for fermentation and GHG calculation.

Key activities:

  • Agricultural production all the way to biogas production and recycling of residues
  • Economic evaluation of agricultural production processes
  • Process biological evaluation of biogas plants

M.Eng. Georg Siegert

M.Eng. Georg Siegert

M.Eng. Georg Siegert
Institute of Biogas, Waste Management and Energy